Feeling At Home In Android Terminal

Over the years I’ve been becoming more and more comfortable with using the Terminal, to the point of having a small Git repository that acts as my “toolbox”, where I can run a single command and configure a terminal to be just the way I like it. This includes installing zsh, a slightly customized theme, neovim and all my plugins.

I recently had the idea to try using this toolbox on my Android phone using the application Termux ad had great results. I’m actually writing this blog post from my phone using a bluetooth keyboard.

Anyways, one thing I learned is that you cannot execute code that lives in your Termux’s storage/shared repository. I didn’t come across this when configuring Obsidian’s mobile application as my Android notes are all raw markdown and can be read to and written to without sudo access. This post is what confirmed my suspicion.

Additionally, I had to change my shell to zsh again, even though my install script from Toolbox should have done this for me. This post is what helped me understand that.

Overall the experience is honestly to too bad, but I pretty much wanted to try this out to see if I could rather than actually use it as a daily driver.