Global Game Jam 2020

This was my second year of Global Game Jam, a yearly event that takes place in over 100 countries. As someone whose education and career has been in software, I decided to prioritize non software tasks over this forty eight hour period, and try to take advantage of receiving mentorship in 3d modeling. Specifically in tasks like:

  • art
  • modeling
  • animation
  • digital drawing
  • user interface
  • user experience

I was fortunate to be able to join a group quickly. We began the process of working through ideas, which are supposed to revolve around this year’s theme of


Repair Royale supports any number of players through using each player’s phone as their controller. At the start of the round, each player may either select a new weapon or upgrade an existing weapon from a list of three random weapons.

Bots randomly move around the arena, attempting to knock each other off the edge of the map, whose walls come down over time. Each bot has its own health, the healthier a bot, the less it gets knocked back when attacked.

Weapons include:

  • sword
  • mine layer
  • flame thrower
  • cannon
  • shruiken

All assets and the arena have been created, home grown and cage free.

Our arena sports a custom camera intelligence, showing the most interesting events occurring in the battle

Here are some stills and recordings of our game’s progress: