SSH, SFTP and HTTP File Server On Android

If you’re like me, you’re a big fan of usng terminal tools and also hate having to drag out a cable to sync data from one device to another.

I’ve found a few useful android apps that I use often to transfer files to and from my phone:

JuiceSSH - SHH Client is a SSH client that easil allows one to save many connections, users and even SSH keys. I use this to remote into say my home server or linux desktop from my phone. This especially works well with tmux sessions.

Simple HTTP Server is a very barebones application to allow one to host a file server on one’s android phone. I’ll pretty much only use this to bounce a file from my phone to a remote machne in a pinch.

SSH/SFTP Server - Terminal is a handy application to host an SSH server and SFTP server on your android phone. This is useful if one needs to bounce files from a remote location to one’s phone.