How to exec into the container

$ docker exec -it [container-id] /bin/bash

How to edit the admin password

Edit the configuration file at vim /serverdata/serverfiles/KFGame/Config/LinuxServer-KFGame.ini, setting a value for AdminPassword under the section [Engine.AccessControl]

How to login to the admin while in game

Press tilde in game and type adminlogin [the admin password]

List of admin commands

How to Enable WebServer

Go to file /serverdata/serverfiles/KFGame/Config/KFWeb.ini and find the section [IpDrv.WebServer] and set bEnabled=true

Default credentials is admin and password

How to get custom maps

Based on this

  1. Make a folder for your custom map
    • $ mkdir /serverdata/serverfiles/KFGame/BrewedPC/Maps/[folder-name-without-kf-prefix]
  2. Navigate to this new folder
    • $ cd //serverdata/serverfiles/KFGame/BrewedPC/Maps/[folder-name-without-kf-prefix]
  3. Download the custom map
  • on a client machine
    • find the steam community URL of the map you want
    • plug the URL into this useful website
    • download the map locally but cancel it
    • right click on the download to get the download url
  • on the server
  1. rename to the downloaded file
    • mv [file downloaded]
  2. unzip the
  • $ apt get install unzip -y
  • $ unzip
  1. Move the downloaded file
  • mv the file in the BrewedPc file to the folder in /serverdata/serverfiles/KFGame/BrewedPC/Maps/[folder-name-without-kf-prefix]
  1. Add the map manually to the Map Cycles
    • In web admin panel Settings > Map Cycles, manual add KF-filename
    • save map cycle
  2. restart container