Tutorial: How To Host A Private Valheim Online Multiplayer Server

February 15, 2021
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How To Setup Valheim Private Server 

Installing The Server 

At this point you should be able to play Valheim with anyone on your local network. Since most people play games with others online, you can either port forward on your router to expose this server to the rest of the world, or you can setup a virtual private network (VPN) to only allow connections from machines you trust. I prefer to the do latter and explain how to do so in this blog post.

How To Connect To A Running Valheim Private Server 

First complete the steps here in this blog post.

At this time, one most modify a launch parameter in Valheim to join a private server. Before attempting this, you should have access to the server by running Zerotier or be connecting to a public server.

Install Zerotier CLI Linux

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