Setting Up Wake On LAN

A “wake on LAN packet” is a special way for a device on your network to wake up when another device sends this magical packet. I use this so a small, low powered always on, Raspberry Pi can wake up my much larger electrical hog on a machine. Coupled with a VPN, I can boot up my machine from anywhere in the world!

Perform the following on the machine you want to enable a wake on LAN on, these instructions are for a Windows machine.

  1. Power on the system.
  2. When POST screen is displaying then press the keyboard “Del” key to enter to the BIOS setting.
  3. Switch to Advanced page, select ACPI Configuration, change PCIE Devices Power On to Enabled.
  4. Press “F10” key to save the BIOS setting and restart the system.
  1. Start Windows and open Device Manager.
  2. Expand “Network adapter”, right-click “Intel (R) I 211 Gigabit Network Connection”, and click “Properties”.
  3. Select the “Power Management” tab.
  4. Please check “Enable computer to release standby state on this device”.
  5. Next, click the “Advanced Settings” tab, select the “Wake on Magic Packet” from the “Property” column, confirm that the “Value” is “Enabled” and click the “OK” button.
  1. Open the Power Option item in control panel.
  2. Click the Choose what the power buttons do link.
  3. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  4. Clear the Turn on fast startup(recommend) check box.
  5. Click Save changes. After above setting, WOL function should work properly.

# sudo apt-get install etherwake

$ sudo etherwake -i eth0 mac:address:of:windows:machine:to:wake:up