How To Install Synergy On Ubuntu

Using one keyboard and mouse for multiple computers!

Simple instructions for installing Syngery on Ubuntu. If you have never used Synergy before, its an application that works across Mac, Windows and Linux and lets you share a single keyboard + mouse across multiple machines.

One machine, the machine where the keyboard + mouse is connected, acts as the server. All other machines act as clients. You can then move your mouse over to the other Operating System’s monitor and seamlessly use the same keyboard and mouse on that other machine. Its very useful when you have multiple machines running locally and do not want to have to have different keyboards and mice plugged in or have to unplug/re-plug in. Also the shared clipboard is handy to copy content across machines.

  1. Log into the Synergy Site
  2. Download the .deb version that corresponds with your Ubuntu version
  3. Install a dependency $ sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get install -y libavahi-compat-libdnssd1
  4. Install the Synergy application $ sudo dpkg -i path_to_deb_file